inspekt.USB powered by IMPEX

inspekt.USB is a malware scanning solution which inspects USB devices for malicious code using multiple anti-virus engines. inspekt.USB does not require installation on critical systems, it is a standalone program that scans USB drives prior to connection to critical systems.


Pre-Hardened Operating System

  • SELinux Based with Custom Hardened Frontend
  • All System Network Ports Closed, No Network Presence
  • All Kiosk Updates via Secured HTTPS or via Manual Signed USB
  • USB Human Interface Devices Disabled
  • Cryptographically Signed Code Prevents Tampering

Central Management Server

  • Individual Logins for Administration
  • Reporting on Scans and Detection for Incident Response
  • Policy Based Configuration of Kiosk for Standardization
  • Capture of Hash Metadata for Swift External Analysis

MultiScan Anti-Virus Scan Engines

  • Up to 9 Commercial AV Products Available

Archive Server

  • Hold Files for Periodic Rescans, including Reporting
  • Continuously and systematically check your files, increasing chances of capturing all threats

Convenient and Simple Interface

  • Touchscreen-based System with Intuitive User Interface
  • Includes Workflow Engine for User Data Tracking via Touch Screen
  • Physical Receipt Print for Work Orders or Compliance Forms


    • Create Audit Trails on Imports/Exports Based on User and Station
    • Generate Audit Tracks and Save into Databases and/or Printed a Physical Receipt to Verify Compliance
    • Detailed Statistics and Reports Available on the Central Management Server Level Configurable via Chartjs

    Flexible Deployment

    • Standalone or Network Based Systems Available
    • Apply Signature Updates Via Master USB Key
    • All Updates Signed with Manufacturer Private Key to Ensure Traceability

    Turnkey for Usage in Industrial - Included:

    • USB Thumbdrives for Basic File Usage
    • High Capacity Drives for Backups and Archival
    • Template Removable Media Procedures for YOUR Regulations
    • Lanyards, Labels, and Training